DGSA Srl is a consulting company founded in 2005 with the aim to provide an innovative and customized service. DGSA Srl has been operating for over ten years and thanks to the mix of multidisciplinary and integrated experiences and to the young and dynamic team, it has become a modern and well-coordinated professional reality capable to propose and provide tailor-made solutions. People are our prerogative: professionals and partners having not only high technical capabilities, but also human and communicative features, together with the daily updating and the individual and spontaneous tendency to improvement, allow DGSA Srl to exploit every possible synergy at its best for a mutual support and enrichment. Our main prerogative is, therefore, a proactive approach aimed at satisfying the customers’ requirements in real time, anticipating their needs when possible.

DGSA Srl has added to its Management quality system a new Policy aiming at the following:


1) Stakeholders’ high level satisfaction, in particular for our partners and customers


2) A better participatory and sharing process between its Employees, partners and people


3) Impartial evaluations according to the enforced Standards and Regulations.



DGSA Srl Management quality system has on a risk-based thinking approach; as a consequence our Organization can detect those factors causing process deviations as compared to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and it can implement preventive actions aimed at reducing negative effects and understanding the new opportunities offered by the Market and its new trends. The leadership of DGSA Srl is committed to assure that this new Policy is understood, implemented and performed by all its Employees and partners and that it is shared with all its Stakeholders.